Aspire Software Products

Aspire Scoreboard

Create a professional experience with a scoreboard that will immerse spectators, athletes and coaches in your facility. Aspire Scoreboard software combines your timing system along with meet management software to show names of athletes, event details, team scores, static text or images. Scoreboard gives you the ability to add advertising , athlete bios and much more! All you need is the Aspire Scoreboard Software, a timing system and a television. This software works with most existing swimming timing systems.

Aspire Leaderboard

Enhance your facility by making a meet or event more interactive. Immerse your spectators, athletes and coaches in an exciting experience by showing real-time results. Know instantly if your athlete made top 8, 16 or general placing. Show team scores immediately and keep fans engaged the entire meet. No longer do you have to wait for the results taped to the wall! Aspire Leaderboard listens for messages broadcast from Active Hy-Tek Meet Manager software and displays in an easy to display format.